Conditions & Treatments
Dry Eye

Dry eyes are a common condition, and dry eyes are especially common in a dry climate like El Paso.  Dr. Alpern has participated in research on treating dry eye.  Stinging and burning sensations in the eye, blurred vision at the end of a long day, and sensitivity to light are common symptoms. 

An eye exam is all that is required to check for dry eye. The Schirmer Test, a simple, painless process where a small paper strip is placed inside the lower eyelid to check for tear volume, may confirm the diagnosis. 

Dry eyes are generally treated with eye drops (artificial tears).  Sometimes slow release inserts are placed inside the lower lid to release moisture gradually.  Occasionally a small plug can be placed in the punctum, which is the tiny hole at the inner corner of your eyelid where tears drain.  Medication is also available to increase tear production.