Conditions & Treatments

Glaucoma -- Glaucoma is a term that refers to a number of conditions that cause damage to the optic nerve, generally by creating high pressure inside the eye.  Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness.  Both Dr. Alpern and Dr. Buck have participated in research on the treatment of glaucoma. 

Though serious, the majority of glaucoma cases have no symptoms other than gradual peripheral vision loss.  Once vision is lost it cannot be restored; therefore, we recommend annual eye exams for people forty years old and older.  Diabetics are at increased risk and should also have an eye exam once a year. 

We check your eye pressure and your field of vision.  If glaucoma is suspected, The Cataract and Glaucoma Center is equipped with state of the art technology to further assess your condition.  For example, we are proud to be the only clinic in El Paso offering the Cirrus HD-OCT , an instrument which allows the doctor to quickly and painlessly examine the retina and optic nerve without surgery of any kind. 

After evaluation, Dr. Alpern may just continue to observe your condition, prescribe eye drops, recommend laser surgery, or suggest a combination of medicine and surgery.

Laser surgery, or SLT (Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty) is an advanced, painless outpatient procedure that is performed in the doctor’s office.  The Cataract and Glaucoma Center is the only clinic in El Paso to offer SLT on the premises.  The laser surgery is gentle and precise, and takes just a few minutes to perform. 

Patients undergoing SLT return to see Dr. Alpern or Dr. Buck in one of our El Paso Ophthalmology office locations in two weeks for a post operative exam, and generally resume normal activities the same day as the procedure.